The Collector Michelin can meet, every year in October, to BOURGES (18), to exchange and discuss their passions in a friendly frame far from the mediatized sales.

Two exchanges meeting, about twenty exhibitors, meadows of 250 visitors.
Guides, roadmaps, objects variously were proposed to the passionate persons Michelin, and numerous are the visitors who left in ownership of the desired "treasure".

The possibility of exchanging precious information on the various passions of collections Michelin, the whole in a warm and friendly climate. These "MEETINGS" are renewed henceforth every year in October.

If you wish "to expose" (membership in the compulsory ACGCM), you can contact now:

It can be for you, friends collectors and passionate persons of the world Michelin, the occasion to meet us, to know us and, why not, to join us.

The association has for main objectives to be knowned between them the collectors (recapitulative list of the members), to allow them to meet (meeting of exchange) and to discuss (Internet site of discussion); finally, to receive any information on their collections (end-of-term report,
catalogs of roadmaps and guides). Come to discover the "conviviality" and, maybe, the "treasure" which misses in your collection.

We are at your disposal to make you the association known through a file membership (without commitment) that we can send you on simple demand of your part :

Our members collect: the French and foreign guides, the French and foreign roadmaps, the regional guides, the Battlefields guides, pin’s, the miniature vehicles, roadsigns and many other things (but always Michelin)

Meadows of 250 visitors were strongly interested in the documents and objects proposed by about thirty members of association.

The choice was particularly vast: French, foreign, regional Guides, Battlefields, thousands of roadmaps, objects variously going of Bib to the bottle-opener by way of the games Michelin, a remarkable exposure of miniature vehicles, a stand was dedicated to the renovation of guides, finally the possibility of showing the site of the association (this last one making the current object of a japanese version )

These "Meetings" become definitively the annual big gathering of all the passionate persons of Michelin and allow them to know, to exchange, to have a dialogue in a serious and friendly atmosphere.