Since 1900, Michelin edited the red guide who contained at the end, from 1902, a small map of France. Michelin diffused free of charge this guide to its customers. Mr. André Michelin after studies at the Central School of Paris worked sometime towards 1890-95, during his military service, to the Home Office, in the service of the map in 1/100 000.

It is this know-how which allowed him to set up the cartography, as new axis of development for its company. The most ancient automobile roadmap known for Michelin seems to be the map published on the occasion of the cup Gordon-Benett in 1905. This map represents, in 1/100 000, the route of this race which took place, this year, around Clermont-Ferrand.

Then, it is in 1906-1908 that the first studies, for the realizations of a series of roadmaps on France, began. In 1907, a map of Auvergne appeared in the Red Guide and a map of France is published in four sheets in 1/1 000 000 in colors. From 1908, this roadmap can be separately bought.

Next year, a map of the region of Clermont-Ferrand in 1/200 000 is distributed free of charge in the region. And it is in 1910 when the first maps in 1/200 000 are commercially diffused by beginning with Clermont-Ferrand, then with maps in border of the Mediterranean Sea and in Paris region. The leader of the market of the roadmap, at this moment, was Taride, followed by Touring Club of France and by many of the other marks.

Pascal Pannetier