ARTICLE I: an association, governed by the law of July 1st, 1901 and the decree of August 16th, 1901 is based between the members in the present statutes, having for title: " association des Collectionneurs de guides et cartes Michelin ".

ARTICLE II: this association aims: to favor, by the link of its members, the knowledge and the exchanges of guides, roadmaps and objects Michelin, by all the current and future communications.

ARTICLE III: it is create 7 big regions correspondents in the phone regions: 01 (Paris and the Paris region), 02 (Northwest), 03 (Northeast), 04 (Southeast), 05 (Southwest), DOM-TOM, Foreign countries. Each of the regions so defined will have its delegates, representatives of the council or the President.

ARTICLE VI: to be a part of the association, it is necessary to do the express demand, to be approved by the office, to be registered on the list of the members and to have released the annual subscription (25 Euros for year 2004).

ARTICLE VII: those are benefactors who contributed to the association by a donation equal or superior to 76 Euro.
The members make a commitment not to trade of all which relates to the association.

As a consequence, cannot be member every licensed storekeepers, such as Secondhand booksellers, Traders and Secondhand goods dealers.

The members also make a commitment to preserve the internal confidentiality of the documents which will be passed on to them by the association.

ARTICLE X: the council consists of MM.BONIN, DUGRATOUX, HOUDOY, RIVER, SCHIFFERLE, STEINBACH and THINARD with a president (Denis RIVIERE), a vice-president (Serge BONIN), a secretary (Mr . TERMINET) and a treasurer (Etienne HOUDOY).